June 11, 2024

Town of Renfrew Hosts Public Open House for Draft Master Plans

(Renfrew, Ontario) – On June 10th the Town of Renfrew hosted a public open house planning meeting at the Renfrew Public Library where the draft Arts, Heritage and Culture; Parks and Recreation; and Waterfront master plans were presented for additional community feedback. Through a comprehensive review for the plans, public consultation has been ongoing since October 2023. 

As the Town embarks on its first-ever Arts, Heritage, and Cultural Master Plan initiative, the expertise of DCarr Community Solutions was consulted to engage with residents, businesses, and various sectors in a series of sessions. These efforts aimed to uncover the diverse tapestry of arts, culture, and heritage woven into the community's fabric. The resulting master plan seeks to cultivate a profound appreciation for Renfrew's unique identity, spanning its past, present, and future, while supporting social needs, economic growth, and tourism. 

“It’s a very exciting time right now as the Town takes proactive steps towards enhancing our community's vitality and identity through these master plans,” says Kelly Latendresse, Director of Community & Recreation Services. “By engaging our residents and stakeholders in the planning process we ensure that these initiatives truly reflect the diverse needs and cultural heritage of our community.” 

Additionally, the Town recognizes the need for an updated Parks and Recreation Master Plan. Building on the foundation established in the previous 2010 Master Plan, this new iteration will guide the sustainable delivery and development of parks and recreation programs, infrastructure, and services. Through a thorough review process in partnership with think design consultants, the plan has identified strategies to overcome barriers, foster partnerships, and maximize the utilization of existing and future resources. Additionally, it aligns with priorities and projects in the Waterfront Master Plan, ensuring a cohesive approach to community development.

The Town and residents have identified waterfront as a vital asset, integral to local history, community culture, and growth. The Waterfront Master Plan aims to prioritize inclusive community recreation and visitor attraction, ensuring a balance between natural spaces and active park areas. It will also focus on environmental preservation, enhancement of public facilities, and promotion of arts and cultural programming.

Project details on the master plans, including timelines and scope of work, can be accessed on the Town’s website here. Additionally, the full draft master plans presented at the open house on June 10th will be made available for the public to review on this webpage in the coming days.

During the development of these master plans, the Town of Renfrew has been dedicated to fostering meaningful community engagement by welcoming diverse perspectives. Residents and users who are still wishing to provide feedback for the master plans are invited to submit written comments to: 

Amanda Springer 

Parks and Recreation Master Plan, and 

Waterfront Master Plan 



Kelly Latendresse

Arts, Heritage and Cultural Master Plan



“We thank participants and stakeholders for their feedback on these important documents as we focus on the future,” says Mayor Tom Sidney.  The final master plans are scheduled to be presented to Town Council in August 2024. 


For more information, please contact: 

Hannah MacMillan

Communications & Engagement Coordinator

Town of Renfrew

613-432-4848 ext. 117