Application for Financial Incentives under the Community Improvement Plan


Step 1

Read through this application form. Arrange a pre-consultation meeting with the Town to discuss your project, your eligibility and to obtain assistance for filling out this form.

Step 2

Complete this application form and required supporting documentation, based on instructions from the Town.

Step 3

Submit the application form and supporting materials to the Town. Supporting materials will be identified by the Town at the pre-application consultation meeting. The application can be submitted in person or by mail/courier, to the contact noted below.

Step 4

The application will be reviewed, evaluated and an approval decision will be made by the Review Panel or designated implementation body (may be Council or a Committee).

Step 5

If the application is approved, agreement executed and works completed, payment will be made in accordance with the Community Improvement Plan. If the application is not approved, applicants will be contacted by the Town to discuss options for revising and resubmitting the application in order to address the Town and Review Panel’s concerns.


Only eligible applicants will be able to apply for financial incentives, and only eligible community improvement projects will be approved for funding. The eligibility requirements for the financial incentives are detailed in the Town of Renfrew Community Improvement Plan (Section 8.6 – General Eligibility Requirements for Incentives Programs and Section 5.0 – Program – Financial Incentive Programs). Eligibility will be confirmed at the pre-application consultation meeting with the Town. Prior to arranging a pre-application consultation meeting with the Town, the applicant should confirm, at a minimum:

  • Whether the subject property is located in the currently designated Community Improvement Project Area (only properties located within the Community Improvement Project Area are eligible for financial incentives);
  • The district in which the property is located (Downtown Core, Downtown Periphery, Stewart Street Commercial, O’Brien Road/Veteran’s Memorial Blvd. or Town-Wide);
  • Whether the proposed works will be subject to obtaining a building permit, heritage approval and/or a planning approval (Zoning By-law Amendment, Official Plan Amendment, Minor Variance,). The application for financial incentive should be completed prior to the application for any of these permits and approvals;
  • That the proposed project has not commenced. Projects that have been initiated prior to application approval will not be eligible for financial incentives; and
  • That the property owner has no outstanding tax arrears and be in good standing with regard to taxation at the time of application.

All applications for financial incentives must be accompanied by supporting documentation. Applicants are encouraged to bring photographs, drawings and other information as may be available to the pre-application consultation meeting with the Town. During the pre-application consultation meeting, Town staff will identify any materials that should be submitted with the application. Typically, this will include:

  • Photos of the existing property/building/features;
  • Drawings/sections/elevations/plans of the proposed work;
  • A work plan and specific details for the proposed work; and
  • At least three (3) cost estimates (quotes) for the proposed work.


If the applicant is not the owner of the subject land (i.e., the applicant is a tenant or agent), a written statement by the owner, which illustrates that the owner is aware of the applicant’s intended project and intention to obtain financial incentive(s) to cover the cost of the project, must be completed (Part 27 of the application form).


Note that the availability of funding and the types of financial incentive programs which are available are subject to change. The boundaries of the Community Improvement Project Area are also subject to change. Applicants should contact the Town to confirm funding availability.


If you have any questions or would like to arrange a pre-application consultation meeting, please contact:

The Department of Development and Works Town Planner
Town Hall
127 Raglan Street South

Renfrew, ON K7V 1P8
Phone: (613) 432-8166 Fax: (613) 432-8265

This application should only be submitted once the applicant has completed a pre-consultation meeting. It is recommended that applications be submitted in person so that Town staff can immediately review the application for completeness and reduce unnecessary delays. Applications may also be submitted by mail/courier to the address above.