Renfrew Hydro

Renfrew Hydro Inc. delivers power to over 4,350 residences and businesses. Renfrew Hydro has built its strong reputation in the community by delivering a safe, reliable, and affordable supply of electricity to the residents and businesses of the Town of Renfrew on a 24/7 basis, for well over a century. Renfrew Hydro values its relationships with its customers and demonstrates this by providing responsive service while keeping our community’s best interests at heart. Renfrew Hydro proudly and efficiently delivers electrical energy, safely and reliably to your home or business each day, while keeping the community’s best interest at heart.

Renfrew Power Generation

The Corporation of the Town of Renfrew is the sole shareholder of Renfrew Power Generation. Renfrew Power Generation's core responsibility is to generate and sell power with minimal impact on the environment. The Thomas Low Generating Station, near Renfrew's Swinging Bridge, has undergone a rigorous environmental assessment can generate four megawatts (4MW) of power continuously at full capacity. The power generated is distributed to residents of Renfrew by Renfrew Hydro Inc. Like all other generating stations connected to the provincial power grid, contract rates for the electrical power RPG generates are set by the Independent Electricity System Operator, and then purchased by the Province of Ontario.