Indoor Walking Track

The indoor walking track goes around the B.E.I. ice pad #2. The walking track is open seven days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and will be closed on occasion for special and paid events. The walking track is approximately 175 meters in length from the centreline. 

  • 1 kilometer = approximately 5.7 laps 
  • 1 mile = approximately 9.2 laps 

Home Hardware Gymnasium 

The gymnasium court has painted lines for basketball, volleyball, badminton and pickleball. The court is 50 by 84 feet and approved size for competitive high school basketball. There are also three rows of collapsible bleachers that can accommodate up to 144 spectators. 

McGrimmon Holdings Fitness Centre 

The McGrimmon Holdings Fitness Centre is open seven days a week with memberships available through the Recreation Department. Memberships available through the Recreation Department. 

Open daily from 6:00 am - 10:00 pm
Closed for holidays

Drop In Rate:          $12.00 / day
One Month              $50.00
Three Months         $125.00
Six Months              $225.00
One Year                 $350.00

Community Hall

This facility is suitable for large events such as community dances, wedding receptions, family reunions, retirement parties, Christmas parties, auctions, business meetings, trade shows and conventions. This facility is licensed and a bar service will be provided by the Town if required by the renter. A kitchen is provided for caterers to set up for catered functions. Spacious parking is provided on a paved lot with easy access. Seating Capacity is 350 theatre style and 275 for licensed functions.

Dance Studio 

The Renfrew Dance Studio offers a welcoming space for dancers of all ages and skill levels to explore their passion for movement. This is a 995 square foot room primarily used for dance programs that overlooks the gymnasium. The room can be rented out.  

Multipurpose Room #1 and #2

Multipurpose Room #1 
A 1,170 square foot room that is used for recreation and community programs and can be rented out. This room is located in between myFM and Renfrew Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Centre.

Multipurpose Room #2
A 476 square foot room that is used for recreation and community programs and can be rented out. This room is located next to the dance studio and overlooks the gymnasium. 

NHA/NHL Museum

The NHA/NHL Museum is located at the myFM Centre in Ma-te-Way Park.