Starting or expanding your business takes a lot of effort and planning. Please visit one of our business partners to find out more information on starting a business in Renfrew. Each partner offers business planning services and financial advice. The Town of Renfrew Economic Development Department is a great resource to get you started on your business venture. Make sure you connect with us to find out more information about our available properties, commercial buildings, and/or services.

You've done your homework, but where do you start? This section offers checklists for starting up a business as well as a checklist for starting up a restaurant. It also has two Ontario specific pieces, starting a food processing business; and business tools, strategies, reports, and resources for the tourism industry. For more information visit the Canada Business Network website.

Business Planning - Getting The Help You Need

Enterprise Renfrew County

Enterprise Renfrew County (ERC) has been operating in Renfrew since 1988 and was formerly known as the Renfrew County Business Self-Help Office.  Our mandate is to encourage and contribute to the enterprising spirit and economic development of the County by assisting entrepreneurs with the development of new or existing companies.

Be sure to check out our calendar, notices, and bulletin board for upcoming events on what is happening around the County of Renfrew.

It is advised that you call the office to ensure the office is open and to book an appointment. 

Home Businesses

Please contact the Planning Department

Transient Traders

A transient trader is defined as:

a) "Goes from door to door and/or has a temporary structure to sell goods, wares or merchandise, or who carries and displays samples, patterns or specimens of any goods, wares or merchandise for which immediate sales are made and for which orders are taken with delivery to follow".

Individuals wishing to engage in the transient sale of goods within the municipality must obtain a transient trader's license from the Clerk's Department before engaging in any business activity.

The prescribed fee for a Transient Trader's License is as follows:

  • Seasonal (April - October): $300.00
  • Annual:  $500.00

Application forms and Licenses are available during regular business hours at the Clerk's Office, 127 Raglan Street South, Renfrew, Ontario, K7V 1P8.

By-law No. 63-2013 governs the activities of Transient Traders who are engaged in business activity within the Town of Renfrew. 

Door-to-Door Salespeople who are registered with the Ontario Government must apply for a Transient Trader License to operate within the Town of Renfrew.  

CLICK HERE to access a document about information to license, regulate, and govern the sale or hire of goods or services on an intermittent or one-time basis, and the activities of a Transient Trader. 

What is BizPaL?

BizPaL is an online service that helps business owners identify what the federal, provincial, and municipal government requires to start, operate, and grow a business.

The service was developed to help access information about business permits, licenses, and other information, business owners may require, quickly and easily.

Sign Permit

The Sign By-law regulates sign specifications within the Town of Renfrew. All signs from within the Town must comply with the specifications of the Sign By-law