Planning Act Applications

The Planning Act provides for various Municipal approvals prior to development being undertaken or the building permit being issued.  These approvals are summarized as follows:

Please navigate to the appropriate planning application form using the links below. 

Planning Application Forms

Official Plan Amendments

An application for Official Plan Amendments can be initiated to change the policies or land use designation of the Official Plan pertaining to a specific property.

Zoning By-law Amendment

An application for Zoning By-law amendment can be initiated to change the provisions and/or zone classifications pertaining to a specific property. 

Removal of Holding Symbol

An application for removal of a holding symbol can be initiated to permit the issuance of a building permit provided the holding conditions have been satisfied. 

Temporary Use By-law

An application for a Temporary Use By-law can be initiated to permit the use of land on a temporary basis for non- permanent developments. 

Site Plan Approval

Where development is occurring as defined by the Town's Site Plan Control By-law, and s.41 of the Planning Act, an application for site plan approval must be initiated and approved, including the execution and registration of a Site plan agreement, prior to the issuance of a building permit.

Minor Variance

Property owners can apply for minor relief to the zoning By-law, including setback reductions, increased lot coverage, increased height, etc., through a minor variance application.

Draft Plan of Subdivision

Draft Plans of Subdivision/Condominium are required for large scale lot/unit creation, and typically include the creation of new roads, active transportation infrastructure, watermains, sewers, storm water management facilities, and other infrastructure. Draft Plan of Subdivision/Condominium applications are administered by the County of Renfrew.

Consent (Severance)

Severance applications are required for the small scale creation of new lots. Consent applications are administered by the Town of Renfrew.