The Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) manages water distribution in Renfrew. The distribution for the Town of Renfrew serves a population of approximately 8,000 residents. The system includes a 6,820 m³ capacity standpipe (water tower), located on O’Brian Road. The Town of Renfrew's drinking water is monitored and tested regularly and consistently meets all Ontario Drinking Water Standards. Routine flushing of water lines is completed as needed to ensure the integrity of the system. 


The Town's sanitary sewer system is made up of the sanitary sewer lines on Town property that collect and send wastewater or storm water to the Waste Water Treatment Facility. The Town of Renfrew conducts routine video monitoring and cleaning of sewers as required to ensure that wastewater from homes and businesses is efficiently transported to the Waste Water Treatment Plant. Foreign objects that are flushed into the Town's sewer lines can cause blockages and sewer backups. 

Remember - No Wipes in the Pipes! This includes wipes that are labeled flushable.

If your home or business experiences a sewer backup, we recommend you contact your plumber who will contact the Ontario Clean Water Agency if the problem is occurring in the public portion of the sewer line. Please refer to the Town of Renfrew's By-Law for the Town's policy regarding Storm and Sanitary sewer lines located on private property. 

Useful Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Rates and Billing

All inquiries related to water and sewer billing and your water meter are handled by the the Treasury Department. You can email treasury@renfrew.ca or call 613-432-4848 for more information. 

Electronic Billing

Register for e-billing today!

  • View your tax and water/sewer bills online                                                              
  • Pay your bills online using your credit card or PayPal 

To access this service, simply create an online profile. Allows you to view / print bills from the date you enroll in this program including viewing all payment activity on the account for up to twelve (12) months.

To get started all you will need is:

  • your account number: your Water/Sewer account is a 6-digit number followed by an alphabetical letter (ex. 014218A) and your Property Tax account is a 19-digit number including dashes (ex. 47-48-000-099-12000-0000)
  • your unique PIN# (including dashes) which is shown on your bill
  • full name as it appears on the bill 

Benefits of e-billing 

  • It's free to enroll
  • Easy to use and completely secure
  • Better for the environment
  • Allows you access 24/7 to your account history *
  • Reduces paper clutter and the need to file or recycle old bills
  • Option to pay your bills on-line using a credit card or PayPal for a nominal fee ?

3% of total payment PLUS $0.35 processing fee

Register for e-billing here. 

How to view your e-bill.

Payment Options

The Town of Renfrew offers a number of options to pay for your property tax bill. 

Pre-Authorized Payments

The Town of Renfrew offers pre-authorized payment plans for taxes and water/wastewater charges.

  • Residents can sign up for monthly tax installments which will be split into 11 equal payments and processed each month on the 15th with the exception of December.
  • Water/wastewater payments are based on actual billing and will be withdrawn on due dates shown on your bill.

Sign up for pre-authorized payments with the Town of Renfrew. 

Online payments

The Town of Renfrew offers online payment options for residents through e-commerce. This service is available to customers who want to sign up to receive their bills electronically and / or make payments on-line using their credit card or PayPal account. To register for this service, you must create an on-line profile which includes entering a valid email address, creating a unique ID and password, and selecting / answering a security question.

  • In order to sign up for e-Billing you must first register on the e-Commerce website and create an on-line profile.
  • Once your on-line profile has been created, select Option #1 “View & Pay Bills” from the main menu.
  • You will need the full account number, PIN# and name as it appears on your bill. The Water/Sewer account is a 6-digit number followed by an alphabetical letter (ex. 014218A) and the Property Tax account is a 19-digit number including dashes (ex. 47-48-000-099-12000-0000). 
  • Select the option to “Add an Account”.
  • Select either Property Tax Bill or Water Bill” from the drop down menu, enter the full account number and PIN# as shown on your bill.
  • Press continue.
  • Enter the security question and select “I agree”.
  • You will receive notification at the top of the screen that the account has been added to your user profile, but will not show up on your Account List until it has been verified. An email will be sent to you when the account has been verified.

Customers are charged 3% of the total amount being paid plus a $0.35 processing fee. The system will automatically calculate the total fees (i.e. Convenience Fee) for you. You must accept the Convenience Fee in order to complete your transaction. For example, a $100 payment will result in $3.35 Convenience Fee. A total charge of $103.35 will appear on your next credit card statement.

Sign up for online billing with the Town of Renfrew through e-commerce. 

Through your bank

Use your bank's online or telephone payment services, or pay at the teller or ABM.  Select bill payee Renfrew (Town) Water (ON) and input your 19 digit roll number for the account no. Payment can be made at most financial institutions on or before the due date. Financial institutions may charge for this service. Please be aware of your bank's processing times to ensure your payment is recorded on the due date.  Payments will be recorded by date of teller stamp or bank confirmation page which includes the processing time of payment.

Mortgage companies

Pay your tax bill through your mortgage company.  Please do not forget that it is your responsibility to ensure it is paid.

24-hour drop box

Payments may be dropped off at the Town Hall located at 127 Raglan Street South. Please do not place cash in the drop box.

By mail

Please make your cheque payable to Town of Renfrew and mail it to:

127 Raglan Street South,  
Renfrew, ON, K7V 1P8

In person

Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Town Hall reception, 127 Raglan Street South.  

Credit cards

The Town of Renfrew does not accept credit cards as a form of payments over the phone or at reception. Credit Cards are only accepted through the Town's e-Commerce online payment portal, as explained above.

Hydrant Flushing

Flushing is part of a routine maintenance program that is necessary to maintain the integrity of the water system. The hydrants will be opened to discharge water and clear watermains. This procedure ensures that all hydrants and valves are working properly, and identifies other problems that may be present.

When you see flushing in your area, we ask that you refrain from running your washing machine or using a dishwasher. During this work, residents may notice minor water discolouration or brownish sediment in the water. If discolouration occurs, please let the faucets run until the water is clear. Please DO NOT use your hot water until you have clear water again. Notices for scheduled flushing will be provided on the Town's website and social media pages. Emergency flushing may occur from time to time without notice. If you have any questions about hydrant flushing, please contact the Town of Renfrew at 613-432-4848.