Business Listing

The Town of Renfrew has a complete array of services to meet your needs. Please visit one of our community partners pages to find the business and or service you require.

“The Renfrew Industrial Commission is in the process of updating its extensive Business Directory and they need assistance.  This Directory covers all operating businesses, large and small in the greater Renfrew area which is roughly defined as being within a radius of 100 km of the town.  Because it has been in existence for over a decade, business classifications are listed in Google and other search engines and every business should take advantage of this free service.  Please visit their Directory at and send all corrections and additions to  Submitted information should include telephone, email, and website if there is one.  Promotional or explanatory text of up to 100 words and business logos are welcomed.

The Commission is also updating their Directory of Retirement Residences and Long-term Care Facilities in the Valley so if you are aware of any changes , the Commission would be equally very grateful.