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New Sign By-Law 46-2022

Posted On: Thursday, June 16, 2022


Title: Town of Renfrew Logo



Please be advised that the Council of the Town of Renfrew has implemented a New Sign By-Law (46-2022) to regulate the erection, location and type of signs permitted in the Town of Renfrew.

A copy of By-Law No. 46-2022 can be found on the town website at An overview of the changes are highlighted below.

  • Application process and fee for Sign Permit remains the same. More detail added on submission requirements.
  • Circumstances when a Building Permit is also required (typically for larger/taller signs).
  • New provisions for when a Sign Permit is not required (Aframe signs; real estate signs on listed property; signs related to cultural, sporting, and other community events (e.g., Renfrew Fair); and others
  • New provisions and definitions related to electronic signs and governing their use.
  • Existing and new LED and other electronic signs must have an ambient light sensor installed that automatically adjusts panel brightness to no more than 3 LUX above ambient light levels.
  • Carried over from the previous bylaw, signs may not have animated/flashing/moving lights/pictures. This applies to all signs including LED/Electronic Signs. Electronic signs may have multiple static signs that alternate based on a set time interval.
  • AFrame signs no longer require a Sign Permit application or fee, however if they are being placed on the sidewalk downtown or somewhere else on Town property, a minor encroachment waiver must be signed by the business owner. Aframe signs are limited to one (1) per business. The Town continues to have free AFrame Sign frames for downtown businesses to use on the sidewalk. Owners are responsible for their own inserts. Please contact the Development & Works Department at 613-432-8166 to arrange pick-up.
  • Temporary signs (inflatables, banners, mobile letter signs, any sign not permanently affixed to a structure or building, except Aframe signs) limited to one (1) per business. Temporary signs, excluding Aframe signs, require a Sign Permit.
  • Inflatables/teardrop signs/any other nonrigid sign that has the potential for movement/contact with pedestrians in response to wind, are not permitted on Town sidewalks.
  • Signs of closed businesses must be removed within 3 months of business closure, or a blank sign face installed. Wall/ground must be restored to original condition if sign removed.
  • Nonconforming signs, being existing signs that do not comply with the by-law, including all billboards, are grandfathered for a period of 10 years, and must be brought into compliance with the bylaw or removed after that time. Billboards are not permitted in the previous and current bylaws, and must be removed following the 10-year grandfather period from the date of passing of the by-law.
  • Introduction of set fines for infractions (subject to MAG approval)

Full Document - By-Law No. 46-2022

If you have any questions related to this by-law, please contact the Town Planner, Eric Withers, at or 613-432-8166 x 305

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