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Proof of Vaccination Requirements Are Lifted

Posted On: Thursday, March 3, 2022

Proof of Vaccination Requirements Are Lifted
As of March 1, 2022, Proof of Vaccination is No Longer Required at Town Facilities.

In line with the Ontario Government's Roadmap for lifting COVID restrictions, the Town of Renfrew no longer requires Proof of Vaccination in order to enter our facilities, attend sporting events, or take part in training or classes hosted at a Town owned facility. 

With this being said, we still respectfully ask that masks continue to be worn when visiting our facilities, and that respect be shown at all times. 


Some important notes to be aware of in this new phase of the Roadmap:


You are no longer required to be fully vaccinated to enter non-essential businesses, as of March 1.

The Ontario government says it will lift the proof of vaccination requirements for all settings.



Yes, businesses can still allow only fully vaccinated people into an establishment - this is the personal choice of the privately owned business or service provider.

The Ontario government says businesses and other settings may choose to continue to require proof of vaccination if they choose.

Let's continue to respect and support each other as we navigate the ever changing restrictions and recommendations. 

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