Leaf & Yard Waste

A curbside leaf and yard waste removal service is provided three (3) times in the spring and fall each year. Paper bags and bundles must be curbside before 7:00am Tuesday on the week of collection. If placed curbside AFTER Tuesday morning, collection may not be guaranteed. Collection will occur throughout the scheduled week and may no correspond with your garbage and recycling collection day. Leaf and yard waste containers must be placed in such a manner that they are not damaged or deteriorated from rain or snow to such an extent that they cannot be loaded into the collection vehicle. Weight and size restrictions apply to leaf and yard waste collection, please see the Approved Leaf & Yard Waste Containers and Sizing Section in the FAQs below.

Renfrew residents may dispose of their leaves/grass free of charge, year-round at the Renfrew Landfill Site. Leaf and yard waste must be free of plastic and other refuse such as landscaping fabric or flower pots when emptied at the designated area. Brush and stumps may be subject to tipping fees.

Backyard Composting

If you have the outdoor space, consider creating a backyard composting area. By composting, you convert organic waste into a reusable byproduct which is an effective way to recycle, feed plants, and save money!

The Town of Renfrew offers a one time composter credit of $30 per property, for residents who purchase and install a backyard composter.

Please submit proof of purchase, along with proof of residency to the Town of Renfrew's Environmental Services  at 127 Raglan Street South or by emailing dw@renfrew.ca.

Useful Resources & Frequently Asked Questions

Approved Leaf & Yard Waste Containers and Sizing

  • Paper bags and bound bundles that are capable of being easily placed into the collection vehicle and satisfies the size, weight and any other requirements set out in this section. 
  • Plastic bags and/or Biodegradable plastic bags will not be accepted. Items placed in a bin will not be collected.
  • Individual leaf and yard waste containers must not exceed 23 kg (50 lbs.).
  • Individual branches must not exceed 25 mm (1 inch) in diameter.
  • Bundled brush and twigs must not exceed 1.5 m (5 feet) in length and 0.6 m (2 feet) in diameter.
  • Leaf and Yard waste cannot be mixed with any household waste including flower pots, weed barrier fabric or plastic film.

Does the Town of Renfrew collect Christmas trees?

Christmas Trees are NOT to be placed curbside for collection. Residents are kindly requested to bring their Christmas Trees to the landfill site where trees can be deposited in a designated area. There will be NO disposal charge for Christmas Trees provided they are not bagged or wrapped and all decorations have been removed.

When is leaf and yard waste collection in Renfrew?

Curbside leaf and yard waste removal service is provided three (3) times in the spring and fall each year. Please see the waste calendar for the annual schedule.