Educated, skilled and highly motivated, the people in Ontario East make it the right choice for a wide range of businesses.

Good Value

We share a strong work ethic and are known for loyalty. We know the value of a dollar and are proud to work for a living. We have a reputation for first-class productivity and "good value" for pay and turnover and absenteeism are low in Ontario East.

Educated, Trained

Although some of Ontario East's qualities can be better appreciated if experienced, our educational talents are a matter of public record. More than 54% of Ontario’s 6.5 million workers have completed post-secondary education, a higher percentage than that of any other industrialized country.

Post-Secondary Education

Ontario East universities, community colleges of applied arts and technology, and private post-secondary training schools prepare graduates for roles fostering the development of a wide range of businesses. Currently, more than 102,000 students are enrolled full time at our universities and colleges.

Colleges and Universites in the area include:

  • Carleton University
  • Queen’s University
  • Royal Military College of Canada
  • St. Paul University
  • Trent University
  • University of Ottawa
  • Nipissing University
  • Algonquin College
  • Collège d’Alfred de l’Université de Guelph
  • Kemptville College (University of Guelph)
  • La Cité collégiale
  • Loyalist College
  • St. Lawrence College
  • Sir Sanford Fleming College

Many people in Ontario East are life-long learners. Their engagement in continuous personal development and improvement contributes significantly to their abilities to innovate.


To education and training, we add a bilingual capability. In the eastern part of our region, French is spoken by 40% to 70% of the workforce. In other parts, the figure is 5% to 15%. We offer a beachhead into Québec from west of the border