Parks, Recreation & Facilities

The Parks & Recreation Committee provides advice to the Department of Parks & Recreation on all aspects of leisure and recreation services offered through the Department by the Town and other agencies under the auspices of the Town. The Committee advises on the conceptual planning of park services, the creation of park development policies, including public open spaces and their acquisition, and the development and review of agreements that provide for the usage of parks and other Town recreational facilities, advises on the development of programs aimed at celebrating current and historic cultural strengths of the community, creates policies to ensure the most effective and efficient delivery of parks and recreation services, consults on the provision and use of recreation facilities.  The Committee also determines the recreational needs and wants of community groups, and establishes priorities for future development, assists, encourages and provides advisory services on request to all groups, organizations or persons carrying on recreational activities in the Town and keeps the residents of the Town aware of the recreational opportunities which are available.

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