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Registration now open for a expanded Food Cycler Pilot Program

Posted On: Friday, March 17, 2023

Registration now open for a expanded Food Cycler Pilot Program

The Town of Renfrew is looking to build on the successful in-home food waste Pilot program using the Food Cycler appliance.

Founded in 2011, FoodCycle Science is a Canadian company that produces residential and commercial devices that use electricity to quickly compost food waste into a finished compost product. FoodCycle Science's residential device is called FoodCycler. Using electricity, the device dries and grinds food waste into a dry, odourless, nutrient-dense by-product that is significantly reduced in weight and volume from its unprocessed state. The end product claims to be free from bacteria and weed seeds and food-borne pathogens are eliminated in the process. Each "cycle" of composting takes approximately 4 to 8 hours.
Specific benefits include:

• Up to 90% volume reduction
• Quiet, compact, odourless operation
• Easy to clean, easy to operate, no special training or skills required
• Quick (compared to composting, the FoodCycler™ processes food waste in hours, instead of months)
• Produces a valuable soil amendment, low in odour and less attractive to wildlife.
• Reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) impact vs landfill.

During this expanded program residents can choose between the 2.5L FC-30 model at a cost of $175 + HST, or the larger 5L Maestro model at a cost of $300 +HST. Residents are asked to track their usage of the Foodcycler during each week of the 12-week pilot period. At the end of the 12 weeks, residents must report their usage and answer a survey.

Participants must be residents of the Town of Renfrew. Register using the following link: Registration is open til April 30, 2023. Questions related to the program can to be directed to Renfrew Waste Management by calling 613-432-8166 x307 or emailing

Participation in the pilot program will be based on a first come first serve bases. All registrations must be completed through the online survey. For accessibility accommodations, please contact Renfrew Waste Management. Progression of the expanded pilot program is dependent of council approval.

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