The Mayor is the presiding officer of the Town Council and is responsible for appointing individuals to Boards and Committees, subject to the approval of Town Council.

Town Council is responsible for several key functions, including:

  • Initiating, amending and adopting Town bylaws;
  • Approving contracts, purchases and agreements;
  • Approval of capital and operating budgets;
  • Determining mill rates for the municipal portion of property taxes;
  • Exercising all discretionary powers of the Town, both legislative and executive;
  • Providing direction to Town Administration through the Clerk;
  • Stewardship of public assets; and
  • Regulating and controlling land development within the Town limits.

Town Council for 2022-2026


Mayor Tom Sidney and Reeve Peter Emon (Centre Left and Right)
(Back row from left to right)
Councillor John McDonald, Councillor Andrew DIck, Councillor JasonLegris, Councillor Kyle Cybulski, Councillor Clint McWhirter

The Town is governed and managed by the following Elected Councillors:

Tom Sidney, Mayor

phone: 613-432-4848

Peter Emon, Reeve

phone: 613-432-4848

Andrew Dick, Councillor

phone: 613-432-4848

Clint McWhirter, Councillor

phone: 613-432-4848

Jason Legris, Councillor

phone: 613-432-4848

Kyle Cybulski, Councillor

phone: 613-432-4848 / 613-312-0415

John McDonald, Councillor

phone: 613-432-4848