Waste Management By Law 71 2021
Procurement Policy
Procedural By-Law
BL 46 2022 Revised Sign By law Final
Snowmobile By-Law
Consolidated Parking By-Law
Consolidated Cat By Law
Consolidated Dog By Law
Consolidated Sign By-Law
Building By-Law
Clean Yards By-Law
Prohibited Animals By-Law
Property Standards By-Law
Consolidated Noise By Law
ATV By-Law
Fence By-Law
Use of Corporate Resources for Campaign Purposes Policy
Workplace Violence and Harassment Policy
Tourism Events Grant Policy
Tree Canopy and Vegetation Policy
Right to Disconnect Policy
Municipal Grants Policy
Proclamations Policy
Municipal Complaint Policy
Grants to Community Partners Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Digital Sign Policy
Flag Policy
Council Code of Conduct
Council Staff Relations Policy
Commemorative Naming Policy
Building Inspector Internship Policy
Accountability and Transparency Policy
Graffiti Management Policy
Corporate Communication Policy
Graffiti Management Policy Appendix A
Refreshment Vehicles By-Law
Taxi By Law