Asset Management Planning

The Town of Renfrew is updatng its 2014 Asset Management Plan (AMP) in alignment with the
Town’s Strategic Asset Management Corporate Policy (Policy # C31) and O. Reg. 588/17: Asset
Management Planning for Municipal Infrastructure.

Overview of the AMP
The Introducton (Secton 1) presents an overview of key concepts of asset management such
as the State of Local Infrastructure, Levels of Service, Risk Assessment and Lifecycle Activities,
concluding with a Roadmap with Next Steps. The next secton presents Growth (Secton 2)
which aligns with related studies that were undertaken concurrently with the AMP update,
specifically the Development Charges Study, Water and Wastewater Rate Study and Water
Financial Plan.

The core assets included in the AMP are:
· Water Assets (Secton 3);
· Water Vertcal Assets (Secton 4);
· Wastewater Assets (Secton 5);
· Wastewater Vertcal Assets (Secton 6);
· Stormwater Management Assets (Secton 7);
· Stormwater Management Culverts (Secton 8);
· Road Assets (Secton 9), and;
· Bridges & Culverts (Secton 11)

The non-core assets included in the AMP are:
· Sidewalks (Secton 10);
· Buildings (Secton 12);
· Fleet (Secton 13);
· Waste (Secton 14), and;
· Other Assets – Play structures and Natural Assets (Secton 15)

Revised Draft - Asset Management Plan for Core Assets - Updated July 29, 2022

Please find below our Policies concerning Asset Managment Planning.